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Let's drive the decarbonization of trucks

More virtuous trucks, alternative energies and zero-emission road transport: let's find the solution together.


Our expertise

Support your company in the energy transition of road transport and in its strategic development.

Provide you with specific expertise on the commercial vehicle environment, heavy mobility and alternative energies.

Advise and manage the acquisition of your alternative energy vehicles with manufacturers, on your behalf.

Camion vert

After 30 years of experience acquired with a major manufacturer of industrial vehicles, including 15 years as a manager at the French level, notably as president and CEO, I have chosen to direct my efforts and make my knowledge available in order to support the energy transition of the truck transport.

The challenge is immense, the economic, ecological, technological and societal consequences just as important and the stakes are major.

Major actions have already been undertaken to decarbonize road transport, and the will of the players is there. Companies owning trucks for transport on their own account or on behalf of others wish to act, invest and innovate. Energy companies and suppliers of more virtuous solutions are already there and technologies are evolving very quickly.

But my observation is always the same: companies, wherever they are in the value chain of production, distribution or consumption of alternative energies for trucks, do not have enough expertise to decide on the best choice. or the best strategy.

However, the industrial vehicle fleets of tomorrow have one thing in common: there will not be a single alternative energy to fossil fuels, but many different technologies, depending on use.

It is in this capacity that I offer to support and advise you, wherever you are involved in the long chain of road transport, in order to jointly manage the decarbonization of trucks.


You wish ...

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• Discover the different technologies and alternative energies available for road transport, the manufacturer's offer

• Define and refine your strategy, build your business plan, your CSR plan, review your KPI's

• Integrate a new member into your board of directors

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• Obtain a personalized technical, economic (TCO) and environmental analysis and study on the potential renewal of your fleet (choice of equipment, technology, additional investments, schedule, costs, etc.)

• Buy alternative energy trucks and dispose of your old fleet

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• Identify the best virtuous transport solution for you

• Discover the environment of the European commercial vehicle, its players, its suppliers, its networks, its market prospects, its evolution


You are ...

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  • Road transport company

  • User of trucks or LCV's on own account

  • CV/LCV rental company

  • Carbon-free energy supplier or distributor

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  • Bank or rolling stock finance company

  • Bodybuilder


  • Industrial in heavy mobility

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  • Member of CV/LCV distribution and repair network

  • Investor in the CV/LCV industry

  • Institution

  • Community

Christophe Tharrault

30 rue du calvaire

44690 La Haie Fouassiere

RCS Nantes No.:   908 706 500

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